Batting for England

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13 October 2018


“It’s a funny kind of month October. For the really keen cricket fan it’s when you discover that your wife left you in May.” 

Denis Norden (1922-1918), English comedy writer and television presenter 


This is English humour at its most arcane. You could not translate it into Chinese – or even hieroglyphic Egyptian, for that matter. It is one of the main arguments in favour of Brexit – the exit of Britain from the homogenising European Union, which is slated to take place on 29 March 2019.  Save the date – and get ready to join in  the universal rejoicing that must surely accompany such an auspicious deliverance.  But foes abound – not least the black-hearted quislings within our own playing fields  –  and fond hopes of repatriating the Ashes of national sovereignty – shamefully ceded, for a mess of potage, to the away-team  from Euroland – may yet turn to ashes. If the whey-faced glumbags of Brussels succeed in thwarting the People’s Vote of 23 June 2016 in favour of winning back our liberty, the unique English sentiments of free spirit, humour and fair play will inevitably be relegated for ever to the realm of oblivion. In fact,  according to the usual unreliable sources at the European Commission,  red tape is already being manufactured across the Channel that will impose a standardised format and procrustean restrictions on gaiety of whatever kind throughout the union’s 28 member states. This is no laughing matter.


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