Britain awash with secret police

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Blog: British secret police are alleged to have lied in court, according to today’s UK press, pretending to be genuine members of leftwing and environmental groups that they have infiltrated.

However, the real scandal, in the view of Antigone1984, is that police spies have been infiltrating these groups in the first place.

According to the western liberal mythology professed by all the main western political parties, we live in a free society where citizens can go about their business and meet and discuss whatever they wish without police interference except in cases where they are in the process of committing a crime.

According to evidence that has emerged this week, we now know that the British police are involved in massive infiltration of peaceful opposition groups of all kinds. Those with even poor memories will recall that Anthony Blair, the recent Labour Prime Minister, signed up massive numbers of new recruits for his secret surveillance departments.

The implication must be that the country is awash with secret surveillance officials – or spies, as we might like to call them. These spies, moreover, are subject to no public control or accountability. Basically, they can do whatever they want with impunity.

Unfortunately,  this what is happening in a so-called liberal democracy in the early 21st century.

Has any one out there heard of the KGB or the STASI?

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