UK police told to respond more aggressively to future disorder

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Blog : Police in UK are being asked to adopt more aggressive tactics in future when quelling riots, according to a report in the Guardian on 30 November. The paper said that  Sir Denis O’Connor, the chief inspector of constabulary, was calling for the current defensive “stand, hold and protect” tactics to be replaced by more proactive “go forward and arrest tactics”. His remarks follow extensive rioting and looting in English cities this August, the police response to which was criticised by the law-and-order lobby for being too laidback. The British Prime Minister David Cameron described the riots as “sheer criminality, nothing else”.

Comment by Antigone1984: The riots in August led to exceptionally severe sentences being meted out to convicted rioters, normal sentencing guidelines being mysteriously ripped up, with lower courts being advised that they could impose harsher than normal sentences on those convicted of crimes (generally theft or causing damage) that, in the absence of a riot, would usually have attracted lesser penalties. This tougher approach was subsequently upheld in an appeal court.

You do not have to look far to see why the rioting in London and elsewhere provoked a massive reaction from the powers that be. Hardly a day goes by without media coverage of the popular uprisings in the Arab world. Most of that coverage is positive, with the western authorities encouraging the revolutionaries. Indeed, in the case of Libya, the western powers gave active military support to the rebels.

However, while that is all very well abroad, we certainly aren’t going to tolerate that sort of thing in the so-called western democracies. That is why the judiciary in the UK has cracked down so heavily on the first signs of street dissent. It is also why police in the US have cracked down so hard on members of the anti-banker Occupy Movement, pepper-spraying some of them at point-blank range. The British police, for their part, have been itching to dislodge the Occupy protesters camped outside St Paul’s Cathedral in London, but have had to hold back for the time being because of the dithering response of the cathedral authorities. The hypocrisy of the western elites in supporting the Arab rebels while repressing dissidents at home has attracted little comment in the generally pro-establishment western media.

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