Barefaced porkies and the United States

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Wikileaks has exposed double-talk by US diplomats. They say one thing to people’s faces and another behind their backs. Of course, this is probably commonplace in the world of diplomacy.The Americans and their lackeys have defended their duplicity on the grounds that they need to be able to talk frankly in cables to their home government.  The implication is that they have no need to talk frankly to the foreign governments to which they are accredited. On the contrary, they can tell them the most bare-faced porkies.

Sir Henry Wotton, a 17th century English ambassador to Venice, said it all: “An ambassador is an honest man sent to lie abroad for the good of his country.”

Moreover, given the scale of the deceit exposed by Wikileaks, who in future will trust a US diplomat?

Mind you, did anyone ever believe a word of what they said?

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