Only in Ireland………! Part 1: Justice

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20 January 2012

We said in our Mission Statement that Antigone1984 would be prepared at times to chill out and loosen up. So here goes. For about the next week we intend to alert readers to reports from a single issue of the Irish Independent newspaper, that of today 20 January 2012. No, guys, this is not fiction. These are true stories. They give a taste of life as it is lived today in the Emerald Isle.


by Majella O’Sullivan

A district court judge was due before himself yesterday. 

Judge James O’Connor was in the unusual position of being both presiding judge and defendant in his own courtroom.

Judge O’Connor had to deal with a summons that was before Cahirsiveen District Court yesterday that had been issued to him for failing to display a valid national car test (NCT) certificate on his vehicle. 

James O’Connor of Coolroe, Glenbeigh, Co Kerry, is accused of committing the offence, contrary to Section 18 of the Road Traffic Act, at Newmarket Street, Cahirsiveen, on July 21 last.

On the date when the alleged offence occurred, his car was parked at Newmarket Street outside the courthouse where a court sitting had been in progress. 

Judge O’Connor is the presiding judge at District Court number 17 in Kerry.

At yesterday’s sitting, solicitor Jean Harrington, acting on behalf of Eamon Kelly solicitors, requested the State to furnish all statements, documents and garda notebooks relating to the matter.

This was the first time it had appeared on the court list.

Judge O’Connor then adjourned the matter for mention to the March 15 sitting of the court for a full hearing date to be decided by the President of the District Court……..


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