European newspapers “collaborate” in the shadow of the EU propaganda machine

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26 January 2012

The following is a letter which was received today by the UK’s Guardian newspaper. As a committed Eurosceptic entity, Antigone1984 fully endorses the sentiments expressed.

You introduce your special report on the European Union  (26 January) by saying: “In the first part of a unique collaboration between the Guardian and five other European newspapers, reporters were tasked with finding examples of how the EU has improved the lives and prospects of its people.”


The report read as if smudged all over by the inky fingers from  the notoriously well-funded EU propaganda machine, whose sole function is to channel shed- loads of national tax-payers’ money into spreading their Eurofanatical misrepresentations.  The fact that five other European newspapers are implicated in this “collaboration”, as you correctly put it, is the surest sign of this. The report has the signature of the bureaucrats of Brussels written all over it.


Diversity? Forget it. When it comes to the European Union, all must sing from the same hymn-sheet.


One thing your report is not is journalism. Journalists would have been tasked with finding out whether – not how – the EU had improved the lives and prospects of its people. The question “how” begs the question: the EU is paradise on earth and would be everywhere recognised as such if only one could find some evidence to back up that assertion.


Unfortunately, the evidence is lacking and you are reduced to citing football transfers to back up your case.


The EU has had an increasingly dominating role in Europe’s economies since the European Coal and Steel Community set up shop in 1952. And what is the result?  Ever-closer union, the admitted aim of  Europe’s empire-builders, has resulted in ever-increasing decline terminating in today’s out-and-out economic crisis.  These are the straits to which membership of this much-puffed union has brought us. The Emperor has no clothes and everyone can see it.


“What has the EU ever done for us?” You might well ask.


Nothing daunted, of course, those who have led us into the current morass are now saying, as they have always done, “Just one more push and all will be well.”  In your lead story today, German chancellor Angela Merkel is already dictating that many more national powers must be ceded to a new central European government. They will not stop till they have pitch-forked us into the ultimate catastrophe of a so-called United States of Europe.


Of course, you will not want to hear this message. Over the years the Guardian has devoted acres of newsprint to hyping EU non-achievements, a task often ring-led, as today, by the egregious Timothy Garton Ash,  most of whose “insights” on Europe could have been taken unchanged from an EU press release. 


Opposing points of view, such as this letter, are air-brushed out of the picture. They don’t chime with your pre-established narrative.


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