The Holocaust and the Palestinians

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16 February 2012

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We continue the process – started on 30 January 2012 – of publishing as posts selected extracts, sometimes updated, from our Mission Statement. Today we consider Israel.


Antigone1984 believes that the systematic slaughter of 6 million Jews by the Nazis in World War II was the greatest crime in the history of humanity. This is the first thing to be said. We stick by it whatever else we may say on the subject of Israel. However, we condemn without reservation the persecution by Israel of the Palestinian Arabs. It is a well-established psychological fact that those who suffer abuse subsequently abuse others. This is what explains psychologically, we believe, the brutality of the Israeli Government and Army towards the Palestinian Arabs. The Israelis are avenging themselves on the Palestinian Arabs  for the suffering that they themselves endured in the Holocaust. But it was not the Palestinian Arabs who were responsible for the Holocaust. We have consistently maintained that, if there were any justice in the world, the State of Israel would have been founded in Bavaria. This is a view that receives no coverage in the western media. It is a view that has been censured by the BBC. The Zionists wanted land and they wanted it in Palestine. At one point, in the heyday of the British Empire, when Britain ruled the waves,  the British Government is said to have offered the Zionists land in Kenya. But the offer was reportedly spurned. The Zionists wanted land in Palestine, the ancestral homeland of the Jews. This was understandable: what people, after two millennia of wandering, would not want to settle again in the land of their distant forefathers? However, there was a little local difficulty. Palestine was already occupied – by the Arabs – who had happened to live there for the two millennia in question.  So the Arabs had to go. What we have seen in Palestine since the foundation of the State of Israel is a progressive land grab. It is not justifiable on the grounds of what the Nazis did to the Jews.


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