Mad Men

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1 April 2012


A reader has drawn to our attention the shocking fact that a commercial advertisement has popped up alongside one of our posts without our being forewarned and absolutely at variance with the ethos of this blog.

Last night 31 March 2012 the reader in question was checking out our post “What is a Communist?” of 24 March 2012 when, all of a sudden, an advertisement for – of all things – Barclays Bank appeared alongside. The irony of an advertisement for a major international free-market bank appearing alongside a post in our radically anti-capitalist blog will not be lost on readers.

Clearly, we are both aghast and outraged and have asked our technical advisers to take appropriate action without delay. Until this solecism is put right, we crave the indulgence of any readers who find themselves in the unhappy position of being confronted with the ugly intrusion of consumerist publicity.

Our Mission Statement declares without ambiguity: “As an independent self-supported blog, we are not beholden to proprietors, editors, business interests, governments, political parties, trade unions, advertisers or individuals. We do not accept advertising or outside funding of any kind from any source.”


 You might perhaps care to view some of our earlier posts.  For instance:

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Every so often we shall change this sample of previously published posts.


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