Not a dinner party

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 7 April 2012


革命不是請客吃飯, 不是做文章, 不是繪畫繡花,不能那樣雅致, 那樣從容不迫, 文質彬彬, 那樣溫良恭儉讓。革命是暴動, 是一個階級推翻一個階級的暴烈的行動。

《湖南農民運動考察報告》 一九二七年三月



A revolution is not a dinner party, or writing an essay, or painting a picture, or doing embroidery; it cannot be so refined, so leisurely and gentle, so temperate, kind, courteous, restrained and magnanimous. A revolution is an insurrection, an act of violence by which one class overthrows another.

“Report on an Investigation of the Peasant Movement in Hunan” (March 1927), Selected Works of Mao Tse-tung, Vol. I, p. 28.



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