Europe isn’t working

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3 October 2012

The number of people out of work in the 27-state European Union (EU) in August 2012 was 25.5 million – 10.5 % of the labour force.  The percentage of young people without a job was 22.7 %.

The 17 states that form the single-currency Eurozone within the EU performed worse than the EU as whole, with total unemployment in August 2012 at 11.4 per cent and youth unemployment at 22.8 per cent.

The state with the highest percentage of its labour force out of work in August 2012 was Spain with 25.1 %. The percentage of jobless young people was 52.9 %.

The Greeks have not yet got around to counting the number of people out of work in August, so the published figures for Greece relate to June 2012, the latest month for which data are available. In Greece in June 2012 total unemployment stood at 24.4 % with youth unemployment at 55.4 %.

Antigone1984: so much for the good times that the European Union promised to provide for the populations of those states which it hoodwinked into joining!



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