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12 October 2012

“The people will not be truly free until the last king has been strangled in the entrails of the last priests.”

Declaration attributed to Joseph François Laignelot (1752-1829), French revolutionary and playwright. Laignelot, a montagnard (radical republican), voted in the Convention for the execution in 1993 of King Louis XVI.  An opportunist, he switched his allegiance to the reaction after the coup d’état of 9 Thermidor 1794, which toppled the revolutionary leader Maximilien de Robespierre and ended the Reign of Terror. Subsequently, however, Laignelot was charged with supporting the proto-Communist conspirator Gracchus Babeuf (who was guillotined by the Directoire in 1797) but was acquitted. Thereafter he appears to have devoted himself mainly to writing unsuccessful plays.


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