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Christmas Eve, 24 December 2012

They prate of God; believe it, fellow-creatures,

There’s no such bugbear; all was made by Nature.

We know all came of nothing, and shall pass

Into the same condition once it was,

By Nature’s power; and that they grossly lie

That say there’s hope of immortality….


A Ranter Christmas carol of 1650 A.D.

Here we go again. Tonight, at the stroke of midnight, millions of Christians throughout the world will attend ritual celebrations of the birth of Jesus Christ at Bethlehem in the Holy Land in 4 B.C.

Christ, they believe, is God, the Supreme Being, who was born miraculously, without the depravity of sexual intercourse, to the virgin Mary and subsequently allowed himself to be crucified in Jerusalem in 29 A.D. to save mankind from its sins.

The Supreme Being born as a helpless baby?

A virgin birth?

The Supreme Being crucified?

And how does the crucifixion of the Supreme Being save mankind from its sins?

What sins, anyway?

This is total baloney.

This is a silly fairy tale that for 2000 years millions of naïve and gullible people have allowed themselves to be brainwashed into believing.

“Give me a child at the age of seven and he is mine for life,” is a saying attributed to the Jesuits of the Catholic Church.

That is how the brainwashing starts for many of these credulous believers: “catch’em young” is the tactic.

Others in adult life, disappointed with their lot in the real world, the world of here and now, fantasize an imaginary afterworld in which a benign God, normally bearded, will sort them out.

If you point out the contradictions in, the illogicality of, and the lack of a scientific basis for their beliefs, they have a pat catch-all answer: “It’s a mystery.” Wonderful! Problem solved. QED.

This blog is democratic. This means that if someone believes that 2 and 2 equal 5 or that the moon is made of green cheese, we accept that this is what they believe. However, it does not mean that we think that their view is reasonable.

For us it is a tragedy that, faced with the brevity of human existence and the nothingness that lies ahead, people should waste their time fabricating an imaginary future based on wish-fulfilment instead of focusing the whole of their energy on the here and now.

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