Pain in Spain

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8 January 2013


“The position of Andalucía’s 200,000 agricultural workers on the land who face nine months’ unemployment each year and depend on patronage from the great landowners for work during the other three remains unresolved, despite the PSOE [Partido Socialista Obrero Español: Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party] government having introduced a minimal unemployment benefit scheme in the 1980s. Vastly increased land improvement grants from the European Union have further enriched the landowners, enabling them to mechanize their farms, whilst the braceros or landless day-labourers get nothing and have fewer job opportunities as a result. Industries such as fishing have also been affected by EU regulations limiting the size of catches to conserve dwindling fish stocks, with the consequent rise in unemployment in port towns throughout Andalucía.”

Extract from page 630 of the Fourth Edition of “The Rough Guide to Andalucía” by Geoff Garvey and Mark Ellingham, published in June 2003.

Antigone1984: It’s hard to imagine that much will have improved down on the hacienda in the years since, given the Spanish banking crisis and the fiscal austerity now being imposed on the recession-hit peripheral countries of the EU (such as Spain). Figures just published for November 2012 show Spain with an unemployment rate of 26.6 % – the highest for any of the 27 member states of the European Union. The rate for the EU as a whole was 10.7 %.


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