A way out for Cyprus: the courts

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30 March 2013

The news today is that up to 60 % of savings deposits of over  € 100 000 in Cypriot banks is to be stolen by the Cypriot Government, which has caved in at pistol-point to demands for booty from a triad of international robbers  – the European Commission from Brussels, the European Central Bank from Frankfurt and the US-dominated International Monetary Fund from Washington.

However, as a result of our long acquaintance with the procedures whereby a US-subservient euro-elite has exploited the long-suffering peoples of Europe,  Antigone1984 can point to a solution which could give the bank depositors of Cyprus a significant chance of halting this bank heist in its tracks.

Savers whose bank deposits are in line to be robbed should immediately, either jointly or severally, take action in the Cypriot courts to contest the theft. In particular, they should seek an injunction  to freeze the confiscation of deposits with immediate effect, pending a full court hearing.

The action should be pursued energetically at all levels of appeal up to the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg.

In the case of the application for an injunction, since this must be dealt with expeditiously if it is to have any effect, it is quite possible that the legal processes can be got through without undue delay, including the final appeal stage in Luxembourg.

The possibility of a final appeal to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg should also be considered.

As to the likelihood that legal action will be successful, we would suggest that readers consider the following question:

What is the normal court reaction to bank robbers?


To our knowledge, Antigone1984 is the first political commentator anywhere to clock the possibility of court action as a means of halting the Great Cypriot Bank Heist.

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