Uncle Sam and the heffalumps

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12 November 2013

Nearly 100 African elephants are killed for their tusks every day [by poachers] to feed a huge demand for ivory trinkets from newly wealthy buyers in Asia, who see ivory as a status symbol.

Observation by contributor Suzanne Goldenberg in her article on the ivory trade in the London Guardian on 11 November 2013.


Goldenberg points out that the United States is at the forefront of the global fight to stamp out ivory trafficking. On 14 November 2013, on President Obama’s instructions, the US is to pulverise publicly its six-tonne stockpile of confiscated ivory gewgaws, worth millions of dollars, in order to send a message to traffickers that this is how their ill-gotten swag will end up.

Let’s hear it then for the good ol’ US of A.



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