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13 December 2013

“There will be no downgrading of human rights under this Government…”

William Hague, Conservative Foreign Secretary, 2011

“…the next Conservative manifesto will promise to scrap the Human Rights Act.”

Theresa May, Conservative Interior Minister, 2013


We remind readers of a passage from our post Partitocracy v. Democracy originally published on 20 July 2012:

“Politicians, understandably, regularly come out as the least popular category when people are polled to give their views as to which occupations they most admire.  Antigone1984 has had a long and in-depth acquaintance with politicians of all stripes, both nationally and internationally. Its conclusion is that in general, with a very few honourable exceptions, politicians are the scum of the earth. Just as the scum rises to the top, so politicians have risen to the summit of the political cesspool. They represent not the people but themselves and only themselves. The sole aim of their political activity is to secure personal preferment. It is often claimed that politicians are liars, that they do not tell the truth.  Antigone1984 does not believe this.  It does not believe that they are liars. To be a liar you have to know what the truth is. The politician has no idea what the truth is. He or she does not know what the word means. To a politician, “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth” is defined as whatever words happen to be coming out of his mouth at any given moment in time. It need bear no relations to the facts nor to whatever that same politician has said in the past. Nor need it bear any relation to what he or she says two minutes later. As we have just suggested, to a politician the truth varies according to whatever suits his or her personal interests at the moment they are speaking. UK journalist Simon Hoggart summed up the typical politician when he quoted this remark by an anonymous political activist: “Most Members of Parliament are as slippery as a bucket of worms. Put your hand in and it comes out all slimy.” Public service is a euphemism for the opportunist pursuit of personal ambition.”


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