Scoop! Hold the front page!

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7 April 2014


Millions of viewers and listeners throughout the world allegedly tune in to the daily bulletins of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in the belief that they will get a well-researched and unbiased up-to-the-minute account of the most significant items of hot news that day.

Certainly there is no shortage of newsworthy events happening at the moment – the continuing turmoil in Ukraine, the collapse of the Palestinian-Israeli peace talks, the elections in India and Afghanistan, the 20the anniversary of the genocide in Rwanda, mounting repression by the US-backed military dictatorship in Egypt, and so on.

So it’s good to find that the BBC has its finger on the pulse of the world’s latest mega-story.

This morning the corporation’s world news home page had the following headline item emblazoned across it:

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge carry Prince George off plane at start of three-week tour of New Zealand and Australia.”

What were they expecting? That his parents would toss the eight-month-old future King down on to the tarmac?

Good to know that BBC standards are as reliable as ever when it comes to concocting schmaltzy tosh about the regular taxpayer-financed freebies enjoyed by unelected members of the Windsor family.

As we often say in these columns, you could not make it up.

We do feel sorry, however, for those millions of poor suckers around the world who are taken in by the charade that passes for BBC impartiality, independence and news sense.


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