We’re all in this together

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22 March 2012


The UK’s right-wing Tory Government, whose motto is“we’re all in this together”, revealed its annual tax-setting budget yesterday 21 March 2012: lower taxes for the mega-rich, higher taxes for old-age pensioners and nothing to help the poor and unemployed. What else did anyone expect? This is a Government stuffed with exploitative millionaire tycoons and upper-class toffs that have grown fat on shedloads of inherited wealth. Their ideology is simple: the rich (their friends) need to be coaxed out of bed in the morning by stonking financial incentives;  the poor (their enemies), need to be threatened with the whip of starvation before they will rouse themselves. And as for pensioners, they contribute nothing to the economy, so why should anyone bother about them? In fact, they would be less of a nuisance dead, so let’s hope for the best and prune back yet further the meagre pittance on which they already struggle to survive.

The conundrum, as ever, is why the poor and underprivileged consistently vote in large numbers to elect a tyrannical elite which, once in power, immediately sets about oppressing them.


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