The jet set

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 16 September 2012

Hey, guys, want a bargain?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

A little birdie has told us of a steal that would be just right for the likes of you.

To be honest, it wasn’t a little birdie. It was Miles Johnson writing in the Financial Times in the weekend edition of 15/16 September 2012.

In an article on private jets entitled “The sky’s the limit”, Miles gives us the skinny on a juicy little make-over involving Design Q, a UK-based consultancy that produces tailor-made designs for private jets:

“Three years ago, Design Q was given the challenge of drawing up one of the most ambitious jet designs of recent times, based on an Airbus 380 jumbo jet, normally used to seat 600 passengers.

“The design, commissioned by an unnamed customer from the Middle East, included a garage at its rear, where guests could drive directly on to the jet and exit on to a red carpet.  Once on board, the modified jet contains a lift to move between its three floors, a circular staircase, and a small concert hall with baby grand piano.”

The design includes a boardroom with a projector that beams share prices on to its tables. Other features include a marble Turkish bath and a well-being room.

Unfortunately for the consultancy, the eventual bid for the airplane did not come through,” says Miles.

The project was estimated to be worth £1 billion ($1.622 billion).

Oh shucks!

Now this is where you come in, readers. This is a bargain just waiting to be snapped up. The withdrawal of the Middle Eastern buyer is your opportunity. Step up to the plate now, hand over your £1 billion – and it’s yours! And please don’t hang about. Once news gets out that this little baby is in the market, you can imagine the buyer interest! So get in there now, dudes, before the hoi polloi.

Fortunately, there is a consolation prize for those of you so broke that you can’t rustle up a mere £1 billion overnight.

On 14 September 2012 the UK’s Guardian newspaper on announced the sale of Britain’s priciest ever home – a 60 000 sq ft seven-storey house with – surprisingly – only 45 bedrooms at 2 to 8a Rutland Gate, Knightsbridge, London. And the good news is that, despite being the most expensive house ever marketed in Britain, it’s a snip at the bargain-basement asking price of only £300 million ($486.6 million).

Yes, that’s it, folks, they’re giving it away!

So if you can’t afford the jet, go for the pied-à-terre! You know it makes sense.


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