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9 February 2013

A snippet concerning a well-known soft drinks company in commentator Simon Hoggart’s weekly miscellany column in today’s London Guardian shows up the mismatch between what it says on the tin and what is actually in the tin.

Two of his readers, he says, bought a fruit smoothie, marketed by Innocent, sporting a faux-naïf label “showing a happy fruit with a halo around its head”.

The front of the pack promises “strawberries, blackberries and raspberries”.

The back of the pack reveals, however, that the drink contains three-quarters of a crushed strawberry, one crushed raspberry and the grand total of two blackberries.

Hoggart adds the less than mind-boggling information that Innocent is owned by Coca-Cola.  Well, who would have thunk it?

Says it all, really. No need for comment.

Thank goodness for the benefits of the global market-place!

And for those nice cuddly multinationals catering so scrupulously and transparently to our every need!


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